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Clinical Supervision and Consult-vision

One thing I am commonly approached for is basic business building for new therapists looking to start a private practice.   For this reason, I am now offering "Consult-vision."  This is a 60 minute service that aims to help you build your practice, while offering a platform to identify blocking beliefs, distortions, or other barriers towards becoming your own boss!   Sessions include, but are not limited to the following sentiments:

  • Understanding the fear of "making the jump"  into private practice
  • Business planning, including the necessary steps to build your dream practice
  • Being conscious of your target population, and how to help them find you
  • Marketing
  • Processing "money messages" 
  • "What about health insurance- how do I get it, and should I accept it?"
  • Learning about profit loss and balance 
  • Analyzing where your money is best spent in the beginning
  • Boundaries- how to set and maintain them in the business world
  • Being fully aware of the PROS and CONS of being in private practice

In order to participate in this service, you will sign a consultation document.  While this time will focus on the above, please know that these meetings do not substitute for clinical psychotherapy.  

COST- $125/60 minutes (first lesson- you can write this off as a business expense!)

Available in person or online.

Clinical Supervision

I am able to provide clinical supervision for Mental Health Counselors in New York State.  This includes hours needed for both permit holding and licensure.  

Cost-$125/hour, or package of 5 hours, $575.00

Available in person or online. 

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