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Highschool can be a highly challenging time filled with pressure and stress.  Although I specialize working with clients in the perinatal arena, I also have extensive experiencing working with adolescents, both in residential and school settings.    It is important to me that adolescents are willing participants of therapy, and not meeting with me as a therapist for any other reason than their own desire for self improvement.  If you would like a mailed copy of a my treatment brochure for adolescents, please contact me.  If you are an adolescent seeking services from me, it is important that you know the following:

You have a right to confidential treatment.  If you are under 18, your parents will have to sign a treatment consent, however,  I will not discuss our sessions with your parents, or any other party without your consent, unless I feel you are in danger. 

Talking to a therapist doesn't mean you are "crazy."  It actually means you are a strong person who wants to learn to resolve your own issues with your friends, family, or yourself. 

We can talk in person, or though telehealth. 

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